Aroon Pal Singh has Royal lineage connections. Won numerous tournaments and trophies both in India and overseas.He has played up to +4 goal handicap and presently he is playing off +2 goal handicap. He is a life member of Indian Polo Association (IPA) and Army Polo & Riding Club (APRC). Life member of Equestrinan Federation of India(EFI) He is the senior most playing polo player still actively playing professional polo.


Great Grand Father-General Khajoor Singh, Chief of Army staff for J&K Forces. First man to play professional ice polo at Gilgit(Pakistan).

Grand Father- Brigadier Faqir Singh who was the ADC to the Maharaja Hari Singh and he was a +2 goal polo player.

Father-Col Digpal Singh, who was the Calvary officer from J&K forces and joined the Indian forces as a Calvary officer. He Grew up at the Maharaja Hari Singh palace (the last J&K King) with his son –Dr. Karan Singh. He was the captain of the Indian Army team, visiting Kenya, Ethiopia, England, Pakistan & France. He was a +4 goal polo player.

Aroon Pal Singh- He Has been the polo coach to the king of Malaysia from 1980-1985. Started riding at the tender age of six years. Started playing polo at the age of twelve. The only player who played at the highest polo tournament IPA with a handicap, as(-2 beginner) with the royalties who had participated and won the world cup1957 Deauville. The royal players who participated in the 1957 world cup were –his highness of Jaipur, Maharaja Prem Singh, Rao Raja Hanuat and his son Vijay. Aroon Pal also won the ROLEX Tournament in Singapore He has played and also won in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, West Palm Beach(Florida), Pakistan and Barbados. He had won all the District Polo Tournaments in India from 1973-75 in a row. (He won the “Baria Cup” again after 30 years in 2006). Aroon Pal Singh is Fourth Generation Polo Player.